Fresh Flower Table Arrangements and Floral Centerpieces

Elevate any space, home, or occasion with Joaqium Florists’s stunning fresh flower table arrangements in Singapore! Be it a room, office, lobby, or special event, our same-day flower deliveries infuse your space with nature’s stunning beauty. Order high-quality sunflowers, gerberas, peonies, lilies, and the like today to brighten the day and leave a favourable and lasting impression on guests, colleagues, family members, and more.

Types of Fresh Flower Table Arrangements Available

Joaquim Florist offers several types of fresh flower table arrangements to choose from to suit any type of event or celebration.

  • Seasonal specials: When decorating for yearly events like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, our seasonal specials are perfect to set the mood and convey the joy and vibrancy of the celebration.
  • Classic collections: Whether for the happiness of a full month celebration or the excitement of a graduation, our classic collections convey the depths of your emotions to a T.
  • Modern stylings: Chic, contemporary, and timeless, our modern floral stylings seamlessly blend into any event or space, be it a corporate reception room, wedding ballroom, or living room decor.

What types of occasions are floral table arrangements best suited for?

Flower table arrangements are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a variety of settings and occasions in Singapore.

If you want to surprise mum with her Mother’s Day flowers this year, what about getting her the Majestic Purple (JTA16) or Blissful Wonderland (JTA11) floral centrepieces for her breakfast table that she can wake up to instead?

When setting up for a romantic Valentine’s Day flower surprise, make a small yet definite statement with Simple Love (JV114) or go big with the extravagant rose explosion of Cream of the Crop (JTA10).

If you’re planning graduation flower deliveries for a celebratory party, you can’t go wrong with Milestone (JTA22) or Finish Line (JG1) featuring vibrant citrus hues and a cuddly companion to convey the excitement of the moment.

And to celebrate loved ones’ next big milestone with grand opening flowers, there’s Let’s Celebrate (JTA21)—complete with chocolates and champagne—and Elegant Garden Blooms (JTA1) to convey your optimism and enthusiasm for what’s coming their way next.

Same-day Fresh Flower Table Arrangement Delivery in Singapore

Joaquim Florist prides itself on offering prompt and reliable flower delivery services in Singapore. Our delivery charges are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday (Non-Public Holidays): Standard delivery charge of $5.40 (with GST)
  • Weekends (Sat to Sun) and Public Holidays: Delivery charge from $10.80
  • Please note there is no free delivery regardless of order size

As your one-stop destination for premium floral centrepieces and table arrangements in Singapore, Joaquim Florist offers you ample options to beautify any space, surface, or special occasion. Visit our online store to explore our high-quality selections and find the ideal flowers to enhance your event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Table Arrangements in Singapore

1. What types of flowers are used in your table arrangements?

Our table arrangements consist of an array of flowers such as sunflowers, gerbera, peonies, lilies and many more. To elevate the beauty of your floral arrangements further, be sure to style them using varying heights, different textures, and complementary colours to create visual interest and depth.

2. How long will the table flower arrangement last?

Fresh floral arrangements and centrepieces can typically last for seven (7) to ten (10) days, depending on the individual flower varieties, arrangement size, and storage conditions. To ensure that your table arrangements continue to look as vibrant and fresh as possible:

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight or heat that can cause wilt or discoloration
  • Remove wilting stems, dead leaves, and fallen buds daily
  • Change the water at least once daily or as needed; if it’s not possible to change the water, top up with fresh water daily
  • Re-trim stems at an angle to encourage water uptake and remove all leaves below the water line

3. Can I request a custom design for my table flower arrangement?

Yes, you may request a custom table flower arrangement from Joaquim Florist. Our personalisation options allow you to craft the flower arrangement of your dreams, tailoring it to suit the tastes of the recipient or your guests. Call us at +65 63831188 or email to get chatting with our customer service team.

4. Are there table flower arrangements suitable for allergy sufferers?

Our silk floral arrangements are best suited for individuals with flower allergies or sensitivities to pollen or natural flower scents. While fresh flower table arrangements are undeniably beautiful, faux flower centrepieces can look just as realistic and lifelike without putting your guests or loved ones at risk.

5. What payment options are available for my table flower arrangement?

We currently accept payment for table flower arrangements via major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal, and Shop Pay.

6. Are there any additional fees for table flower arrangement customisation?

Additional fees may apply for customised table arrangements depending on the size of the arrangement order and availability of specific flower varieties or colours.