Artificial Silk Flowers and Floral Arrangements for Timeless Beauty

Add a classy touch to any space with Joaquim Florist’s elegant silk and faux flowers. Our collection of exquisite artificial floral arrangements and decorations in Singapore will transform any room into a spectacle of everlasting grandeur. Ideal for those who appreciate beauty, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of live flowers, these permanent floral arrangements offer a stunning, maintenance-free alternative that’s just as eye-catching as the real thing. Explore our range and order your flowers online in Singapore for a quick and effortless decor upgrade.

Why Buy Artificial Flowers Over Real, Fresh Ones?

Not sure if artificial flower arrangements are right for you? It's all about what fits your lifestyle and taste best! Here’s why you might choose faux flowers over real ones:

Everlasting Beauty: Unlike fresh blooms that fade, our permanent flower arrangements like silk bouquets never wilt. They are a cost-effective choice that stays vibrant and picturesque all year round.

Zero Hassle: No more watering or fretting over sunlight! There's no upkeep for an artificial flower display, making them perfect for busy folks or spaces where sunlight is scarce.

Allergy-Free: Love flowers but you’re allergic? Our silk floral arrangements are completely pollen-free, so everyone can enjoy the beauty without the sniffles.

Easy to Decorate: Faux floral arrangements are versatile and adaptable. Whether you’re looking for a simple accent or a striking display, artificial table flowers are available in a variety of colours and patterns to suit any decor.

Year-Round Availability: Peonies? Roses? Daffodils? Dreaming of peonies in autumn? With our silk flower delivery, you enjoy your favourite blooms anytime and anywhere, regardless of the season.

What Types of Occasions Are Artificial Silk Flowers Best Suited For?

Artificial silk flower arrangements are versatile and suitable for a myriad of occasions. Whether you're celebrating a joyous event or commemorating a solemn one, here are some perfect opportunities to choose silk:

  • Grand Opening Flowers: Mark new beginnings with vibrant, lasting arrangements that symbolise prosperity and success, whilst remaining fresh-looking throughout the event and beyond.
  • Graduation Flowers: Celebrate this significant achievement with silk bouquets that immortalise the milestone and endure as a lasting reminder of hard-earned success.
  • Condolences: Express sympathy and respect with silk floral arrangements that provide a lasting tribute, suitable for memorial settings where fresh flowers might not be practical.

Same-day Permanent Flower Delivery in Singapore

Joaquim Florist prides itself on offering prompt and reliable silk flower delivery services in Singapore. Our delivery charges are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday (Non-Public Holidays): Standard delivery charge of $5.40 (with GST) applies.
  • Weekends (Sat to Sun) and Public Holidays: Delivery charge from $10.80
  • Please note there is no free delivery regardless of order size

FAQs About Silk Flowers and Artificial Floral Arrangements in Singapore

What types of artificial flowers are available?

Artificial flowers come in many forms, including silk, polyester, and other synthetic materials. They are crafted to replicate a vast range of flower species, from common garden varieties to exotic blooms, available in numerous colors and styles.

Joaquim Florist offers a diverse array of artificial floral arrangements, including silk bouquets and artificial table flowers. Our extensive collection caters to all preferences and decor styles, ensuring you find the perfect piece for any setting in Singapore.

How long do artificial flowers last?

Artificial flowers can last for years with minimal care. To maintain their appearance, it is recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and to clean them gently using a soft brush or damp cloth to remove dust. Artificial flower arrangements provide a beautiful, permanent solution for floral decor, making them an excellent investment for both home and office environments.

How do I care for and maintain artificial flowers?

Caring for and maintaining artificial flower arrangements is straightforward. Occasional dusting is typically all that’s required to keep them looking vibrant. To keep them dust-free use a soft brush or a blow dryer on a cool setting to remove dust without damaging the flower material. It's also important to keep artificial silk flowers away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can cause the colours to fade. If a stain appears, gently clean the area with a damp cloth and mild soap, avoiding harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric.

Are there eco-friendly artificial flowers available?

Yes, Joaquim Florist offers eco-friendly artificial flowers made from sustainable fabrics and materials. These options allow you to decorate your space with beautiful arrangements while being mindful of the environment. 

How realistic do artificial flowers look?

Our artificial flowers are meticulously crafted to mimic the look of real flowers, often making it difficult to tell them apart at a glance. High-quality fabric and detailed craftsmanship ensure that our silk floral arrangements look incredibly realistic and lifelike.

Where to buy cheap artificial flowers in Singapore?

For high-quality yet affordable artificial flowers in Singapore, Joaquim Florist is your go-to destination. We provide a wide range of options that offer exceptional value, making it easy to find the perfect faux flowers for any budget.

Whether you're looking for silk bouquets, artificial table flowers, or elaborate floral displays, our selection spans various styles and price points to match your specific needs. Visit our online store to explore our deals and discover how easy it is to enhance your spaces with our stunning, cost-effective flower arrangements.