Grand Opening Flower Stands From $60

Opening a new store or franchise is a milestone for business owners. To commemorate this momentous occasion, friends, family, and loved ones of the entrepreneur in question can send them grand opening flower stands as a celebratory gift. Grand opening flower stands can also be offered to new industry partners to build and establish new positive business relations for the future.

Choose Our Congratulatory Flower Stands for Grand Opening Ceremonies

If you or someone you know is celebrating the official opening of their shop, business, company, or franchise, mark the occasion with the best grand opening flower stands in Singapore.

At Joaquim Florist, our grand opening flower stands are more than just arrangements. They are a work of art, carefully and meticulously crafted by our professional floral arrangers, utilising their years of expertise and a keen eye for design. We take pride in offering a variety of grand opening flower stands that suit businesses of all types and sizes. 

Ordering Grand Opening Flower Stands in Singapore

A grand opening is a significant step for any business. Joaquim Florist’s opening flower stands are made with you in mind to express your congratulations and best wishes to a friend who is about to venture for success and happiness. At Joaquim Florist, we only use the freshest flowers for our grand opening stands that last for a significant duration and definitely leave a lasting impression. 

Explore our extensive collection of grand opening flower stands designed for every taste and every budget. Our congratulatory stands start from $60, and we offer island-wide and everyday delivery in Singapore to meet your needs. Same-day delivery is available for orders placed by 11 a.m.

If you are looking for a more customised order, Joaquim Florist offers a special in-house printing service that can print your company’s name and logo on the card of the grand opening flower stand.

You may get a quote for opening flower stands from Joaquim Florist by calling +65 6383 1188. Additionally, you may use our contact form to receive assistance from our staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Grand Opening Flower Stands

1. When to send grand opening flowers?

You should send grand opening flowers when a friend, relative, or business partner opens a new business. It is a kind gesture that shows you are celebrating their success and wishing them good fortune in the future. Joaquim Florist offers an exquisite range of grand opening flower stands designed to elevate such momentous events. You can shop our flower stands online for doorstep delivery across Singapore, ensuring that your gesture of support and good wishes reaches your loved ones on their special day.

2. What kind of flower is suitable for a grand opening ceremony?

When sending flower stands for a grand or official opening, it’s important to choose the right flowers and colours that match the mood of the ceremony as well as the business owner’s preferences. For example, orchids are often chosen for their exotic beauty and connotations of luxury and elegance. Gerberas and sunflowers, with their vibrant hues, symbolises cheerfulness and positivity, making them excellent choices as well. Roses in bright colours like yellow or orange can signify enthusiasm and congratulations. Lilies are another popular choice, symbolising purity and commitment to quality. At Joaquim Florist, we offer a wide range of suitable flowers for grand opening stands, allowing you to choose the perfect arrangement that not only aligns with traditional symbolism but also complements the recipient’s brand's image and message.

3. Can I include a message with the grand opening flowers?

Yes. You can make your grand opening flower stand more heartfelt by attaching a message for the recipient. Joaquim Florist offers a special printing service so that you can add a card with the recipient’s company’s name and logo, and a personalised message, onto your chosen flower stand. Not just for congratulatory stands, this customisation option extends to our other offerings such as newborn baby hampers, Chinese New Year hampers and more. Whether you're celebrating a business launch or personal milestones, you can make each gift unique by adding a message.

Hear From Our Customers

Wanted to send congratulatory flowers for my brother's gaming simulator's opening. The opening was the day after a public holiday. I selected a morning delivery time and they delivered.

G C Ang