Hand Bouquets in Singapore from $50

There are several reasons why flowers make the best gifts. From conveying your heartfelt emotions when words fail to being versatile gifts that are innately appropriate for most, if not all, occasions — be they joyous or sorrowful ones. Gifts by nature, flowers are able to put a smile on someone’s face, show how much you care, or even act as a wonderful element in livening a space up. And since it’s nowhere near feasible to pluck random flowers from nature and gift them to loved ones, the most convenient option we can all turn to in Singapore is a fresh flower hand bouquet — something you’ll definitely find on Joaquim Florist

Diverse Collection of Fresh Flower Hand Bouquets

When you shop for hand bouquets with Joaquim Florist, indulge in our expansive collection which consists of flowers like roses, sunflowers, baby's breath, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, gerbera and many more! Each hand bouquet is beautifully handcrafted by our team of skilled florists, who carefully think out the arrangements and wrapping styles to create a cohesive and visually stunning presentation. 

Beyond our diverse flower options, we also offer a variety of hand bouquet styles, such as nosegay, posy, and round arrangements. A nosegay bouquet features a tight cluster of flowers, cut to uniform in length and style, symbolising an intimate, personal sentiment. A posy bouquet is small and round, often wrapped in a decorative ribbon, making it easy to carry and perfect for less formal occasions. Round bouquets are fuller, with flowers radiating from a single point, representing abundant joy and opulence. 

But with a myriad of choices and each bloom symbolising something unique, how do you go about choosing the best and most appropriate fresh flower hand bouquet for the specific event you have in mind?

1. Sunflower Hand Bouquets

Symbolising loyalty, adoration, unwavering faith and unconditional love, these radiant, lush and bright yellow flowers are sure to bring happiness to any recipient. The ultimate go-to flower of choice to gift a fresh grad, sending them a sunflower hand bouquet on the day of their graduation ceremony is one of the best ways to express your deepest love and admiration for them.

2. Rose Hand Bouquets

An ever-popular choice for hand bouquets, roses have long been associated with love and romance. While they are indeed revered for their fragrance, beauty and perfection, many believe that they act as a metaphor for life. But that’s not all! Each rose colour has its own meaning too. The classic red rose symbolises beauty, love and courage, making them ideal for occasions like Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, light pink roses, which convey sympathy, are great when trying to express your condolences.

3. Lily Hand Bouquets

Versatile and classic, lilies are majestic blooms that represent purity, passion, and royalty. Fresh and crisp white lilies can also be frequently spotted in condolence stands, as they make great sympathy flowers due to their representation of grief and mourning.

Versatile Fresh Flower Hand Bouquets for All Occasions

Hand bouquets are versatile enough to be a perfect gift for any occasion like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. Whether you are celebrating a happy moment like an anniversary or even a graduation, hand bouquets are meant to help you express your care and feelings to others. All you’ll have to do when choosing a fresh flower hand bouquet is to determine what best represents the recipient and the occasion.

To take your gift to the next level, we offer a variety of customisation options. You can add a helium balloon for a touch of whimsy or a personalised message on a complimentary card to capture your sentiments perfectly. These extra features elevate your bouquet from a simple gift to a memorable keepsake, imbued with thoughtfulness and personal flair, making it even more special for the occasion you're celebrating.

Order Same-Day Hand Bouquet Delivery in Singapore 

With Joaquim Florist, ordering hand bouquets for doorstep delivery in Singapore from the comfort of your home is a breeze. Simply browse our expansive catalogue of fresh flower hand bouquets that come in various varieties and check out. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy same-day flower bouquet delivery for all orders placed before 11 A.M. regardless of where you need them delivered in Singapore. Looking for other gift options to pair with your hand bouquets? We offer everything from Chinese New Year hampers to newborn gift hampers to surprise your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Hear From Our Customers

Very experienced team of florists with prompt delivery!

Sandra Yeoh

Ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mum’s birthday and almost immediately they called me and informed me that red roses are sold out and if they can replace with another colour. Told them to choose and match for me and it came out to be a VERY beautiful bouquet which made my mum very happy! And the delivery was very prompt and also followed the instructions to call beforehand and not to knock too! Very pleased with their professionalism! Will order from them again for sure!!

Serene See