Graduation Gift Ideas To Celebrate a Grad’s Success

graduation gifts

Graduating from school is a significant milestone, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. It is a time of celebration, not only for the graduates but also for their families and loved ones who have supported them throughout their educational journey. 

Of the many ways to commemorate this occasion, gifting is one of the best methods to honour and recognise their achievements, show appreciation for their dedication, and celebrate this momentous occasion. 

In this guide, we present a curated selection of various gift ideas that perfectly symbolise the joy, accomplishment, and future possibilities that come with graduation. Check out thoughtful gifts that will appeal to both male and female students who are about to graduate from any level of tertiary education in Singapore—whether ITE, Polytechnic, or University.

Graduation Flowers

graduation flowers

What better way to give your congratulations and admiration than with a stunning bouquet of graduation flowers? Flowers are one of the universally accepted gift ideas, symbolising growth, accomplishment, and new beginnings depending on the blooms used to create the arrangement. 

And, if you are looking for a flower bouquet for a soon-to-be graduate, Joaquim Florist offers an exquisite collection of fresh flower hand bouquets that symbolise growth, accomplishment, and new beginnings. Whether you choose a vibrant bouquet or an elegant flower arrangement, the beauty and fragrance of these flowers will surely bring joy to the recipient.

Here are the details of our graduation flower offerings:

  • Price: From S$50
  • Suitable for: Everyone

Customised Photo Frame

A graduation gift should hold sentimental value and remind the graduate of this milestone. One such gift that accurately captures this idea is a customised photo frame where they can proudly display their graduation picture taken with family and friends.

To personalise a photo frame, you can visit craft stores or online custom framing shops, where you will find plenty of ideas for customisation. For those interested in DIY-ing this graduation gift, purchase materials such as a plain wooden frame, paint, brushes, and decorative elements like stickers to create your frame from scratch. Paint or stain the frame and customise it with personal touches that resonate with the graduate's tastes and achievements.

Here are the pricing and other details for a customised photo frame:

  • Price: From $20
    • Depending on whether you DIY or purchase from a shop and the materials chosen, prices may vary.
  • Suitable for: Everyone

Graduation Cake

Celebrating graduation with a cake is a delightful tradition that brings an extra layer of joy to this significant occasion. A cake serves as a delicious treat and symbolises the sweetness of the graduate's hard-earned success. It's a perfect gift idea for commemorating their journey and achievements. Additionally, for those looking for convenience, we offer cake delivery in Singapore to ensure that a fresh, beautifully decorated cake arrives just in time for the celebration.

Here are the details of our graduation cakes:

  • Price: Starting from $80
  • Suitable for: Everyone

Post-Graduation Experience

Another gift idea for a graduate is to treat them to an experience or adventure they have always wanted so that they create unforgettable memories after graduation. This could be tickets to a concert in Singapore, a weekend getaway, a spa day, or even an adrenaline-pumping adventure with their classmates — think about the ultimate grad trip! Such experiences not only provide a break from the academic grind but also create lasting memories that they will cherish forever.

Here are some experiences that you can choose from:

  • Spa Day
    • Price: From $60
    • Suitable for: Everyone
  • Concert Tickets
    • Price: From $50
    • Suitable for: Music lovers
  • Weekend Getaway
    • Price: From $300
    • Suitable for: Those looking for a brief escape
  • Adventure Activities
    • Price: From $13
    • Suitable for: Thrill-seekers

Gourmet Gift Baskets

gourmet gift basket


Celebrate a graduate’s accomplishments with a delightful gourmet gift basket filled with their favourite treats. Joaquim Florist offers a wide selection of gourmet gift baskets, ideal for fresh grads. Check out our collection of wellness hampers featuring baskets filled with fresh fruits and foods, serving as a great pick-me-up. Our catalogue includes a variety of gift basket options filled with snacks, chocolates, cookies, and a range of beverages. This thoughtful gift idea allows them to indulge in a well-deserved treat while celebrating their achievements. For an extra touch, consider including a message congratulating them on their graduation.

Here are the details of our gourmet gift baskets:

  • Price: From $60
  • Suitable for: Everyone


As graduates embark on their next journey, a book can be a valuable gift idea. Look for titles that offer guidance, motivation, and wisdom to help them navigate the path ahead.  For instance, for Polytechnic graduates transitioning into the workforce or further studies, consider career guides specific to technical fields or books on practical skills development. Similarly, for University graduates, titles about leadership, industry insights, or comprehensive career planning are ideal as they prepare for professional life. Whether it's a self-help book, a memoir of a successful individual, or a career guide, choose something that aligns with their interests and aspirations. Gifts like these encourage them to continue learning and growing even after completing graduation.

Here are some book recommendations:

  • The Graduate by Charles Webb
    • Price: From $16
    • Suitable for: Everyone
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
    • Price: From $21
    • Suitable for: Everyone

Celebrate Success with Graduation Gifts At Joaquim Florist

Choosing the perfect graduation gift can be both exciting and challenging. However, with these gift ideas, you can find the ideal present that captures the spirit of their achievement. As you celebrate the remarkable achievements of your loved ones during their Polytechnic or University graduation, let Joaquim Florist be your go-to destination for finding the perfect gifts in Singapore. Our exquisite collection of graduation hand bouquets and gift baskets is carefully crafted to capture the essence of this special occasion.

With our wide range of gift ideas and options, you can select a gift that truly reflects the graduate’s accomplishments and aspirations from their university or private education. Plus, enjoy the convenience of island-wide flower and gift delivery in Singapore, ensuring that your graduation gift arrives fresh and on time to mark this special milestone. 

Don't miss the opportunity to make their graduation celebration even more memorable and meaningful. Visit us today and embrace the spirit of blossoming success as you shop for the perfect graduation gifts!